Name Bjärred är så kollektivt! Type Mixed use / Urban planning
The jury specifically appraised the project as a "visionary contribution with many wise thoughts that dare to challenge. With multifunctional ideas about renewable energy, public transport and sharing economics, it is one of the few contributions with an in-depth perspective on sustainability."

Bjarred is surrounded by beautiful landscapes including river & wetlands, coastline, farmlands and forests. The project proposes to bring these elements at the heart of the city and its new developments, re-interpreting the local landscapes of forests, hedges, meadows as well as the blue-scapes of wetlands, swales and lakes. This strategy will not only help providing a more sustainable plan but re-affirm Bjarred identity, living quality and climate adaptability.

Team: Status: Year: Location: Type: Site: Client:
 edit / atelier  3rd prize  2018 Bjåarred, Lømma, Sweden Mixed use, Urbanplanning  800.000m2  Lømma Kommune



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