Name Made in Borås Type Mixed use / Urban transformation
Respectful of Borås’s identity, its industrial and textile history; Made in Borås proposes to combine these elements with Gässlösa’s unique location on the Viskan river. Re-affirming the city’s riverscape as a strong tool for renewing Gässlösa’s, providing high quality living and climate adaptability.

This approach led to the conceptualisation of a metropolitan river park at the core of Borås and its future developments, introducing spatial qualities for denser urban living. The river park provides Borås with a strong vision. It offers Borås a valuable blue-green heart and also provides new connections and greatly improves access throughout the city and Gässlösa, which is presently characterised by its fragmented tissue. In summary, the proposal has in a good way safeguarded both Borås textile history and the green and blue elements in Gässlösa’s location along the Viskan river.

Team: Status: Year: Location: Type: Site: Client:
 edit / atelier  1st prize  2019 City of Borås, Sweden Mixed use, Urban transformation  550.000m2 City of Borås Europan 15



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Made in Borås