Name Food stories: Oslo! Type Food systems/Urban farming
Food Stories : Oslo! explores self-suffificient alternatives to the current food system which is responsible for approximately 20-30% of global human-made greenhouse gas emissions. This investigation within Oslo’s local food system also led to a better understanding of its social, economic and spatial dimensions in order to design and plan the sustainable city of tomorrow.

We have gathered knowledge and experience from actors within Oslo’s local food system, from farming, to harvesting, to delivering, to selling, to food waste, to composting and to the need for circularity within the system. As designers we can use this knowledge to plan and create future urban environments that encourage sustainable practices, such as growing food, but also foster social, economical, and pedagogical services for the city of the future and its inhabitants.

Team: Status: Year: Location: Type: Site: Client:
In collaboration with L. Bågander Phd artistic research Exhibited installation  2018-2020  Oslo, Norway  Exhibition / installation  10m2 National museum - architecture (Oslo)



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