Name Liabøsentralen Type Culture / Mixed use
"The project has a wealth of ideas and shows an empathy for the use of the site and how it is related to the rest of the village. By placing all functions on the ground floor and inviting people in, the project will strengthen the center, generating exciting synergy effects between inside and outside."

The project is ambitious with regard to the environment and solutions for energy supply, and has the opportunity to become Nordmøre's lighthouse in environmentally friendly construction, and a learning arena for both local craftsmen and for inspiration to others. The proposal highlights the importance of sustainability, flexibility, inclusiveness, centrality, social activation, shelter, and identity. Liabøparken is transformed to Liabøsentralen - here when the lights are on, people are home.

Team: Status: Year: Location: Type: Site: Client:
With the help of Benjamin Velure, Phoebe Wai Fung Chu & Oslo Works  1st prize  2018 Liabø, Halsa, Norway Culture, Mixed use  5.000m2  Halsa kommune



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