Name Hiiumaa sport center Type Public & sport / Mixed use
"This is conceptually the most original and interesting work, spatial choices are reasonable, on different scales, thought out and associated. The jury liked the flexible use of the lobby, the original façade, the podium shaped tribunes, the roofs porosity of of natural light, and how the plan solves health and physical activities."

Our proposal for the establishment of a new sports center explored the the urban dimensions of the program and serves as a strategic generator for urban transformation. The sports center is the starting point for strategic projects, that are adjoined by a recreational loop that binds Hiumma and its peripheral landscapes together to re-affirm and provide a framework for its future expansion. The recreational loop is integrated into the building seamlessly as a point of entry, and outdoor terraces create public spaces for people to gather.

Team: Status: Year: Location: Type: Site: Client:
 edit / atelier  2nd prize  2018 Hiiumaa, Kärdla, Estonia Public & sport, Mixed use  5.000m2  Kärdla kommune



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